Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Remembering

The first shower after I gave birth was when Jack was about 24-ish hours old. After having spent a day schmoozing with lots of lovely people while I may or may not have been wearing a bra and a night of sleeping on my back for the first time in months, I was thrilled to hop in a hot shower and wash off pregnancy.

I remember thinking about how much motherhood was going to rock my world, both happily and unforgivingly. I also started pondering about mothers that I knew: my mom (who has a great balance of fun and caring), my grandmothers, women I looked up to growing up. And then, my mind went all sorts of hormonal and I started weeping at that thought of Eve and another mother who is very, very special. I joined them! I joined their ranks! I was a mom, finally!

And now, after this week's events, I'm thinking of all of the women who aren't mothers, but would like to be. How heartbreaking it is that I've joined them too, in a way. But also how lucky I am that I have been able to add some Real Life Experience to my repertoire.

I am really, really looking forward to more time with this little friend.

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  1. What a super cute picture. You are a blessed mommy and I hope you have as much fun with your mommyhood as I have had. Thanks for helping the adventure be great.